Enhanced security fence panel for high end installations and Critical National Infrastructure projects

The Securifor 358 Doubleskin System is developed for all applications where maximum security is essential. It is highly recommended for military, prisons and maximum security installations.

Betafence guarantee 10 years pvc

Technical Information

Securifor 358 Doubleskin Specification


Secure and discreet
A superior system for providing maximum security where a discreet visual impact on the immediate environment is essential. Maximum delay factors = Maximum security!

Vandal resistant
Anti-Cut: Robust wire and weld joints make cutting very difficult using conventional bolt or wire cutters.
Anti-Climb: No toe or finger holds due to small mesh apertures

Good viewing visibility
The panels have excellent visibility characteristics despite the small mesh aperture. This is particularly important for unobstructed camera surveillance, either from the front or at an angle.

The high quality coating technology guarantees an extended product life span and low maintenance due to advanced anti-corrosion properties.

The panels are produced in 3050mm widths so reducing the amount of posts needed by 20%. Installation time is thus reduced.

Ideal for

The 358 Doubleskin® system is ideal for military sites, prisons and all key point installations requiring maximum security.


Wire Diameter: 4mm (Zincalu) 4.40mm (PVC coated) Apertures: 12,7mm x 12,7mm (centre to centre) Standard Widths: 3050mm Height: Up to 6m Tensile Strength of wire: 600 - 750n/mm² Solidity: 35% Weld Strength: 60 - 80% Weight: 18.64kg/m² Posts Panels are bolted onto Angle Iron posts or Welded Tubular posts. For more info see "Posts and accessories".

Coating options

PVC Coating: Hot dipped galvanised wire panels are sealed with an adhesion epoxy coating prior to the PVC coating to ensure a perfect bond. Zincalu®Super wire coating is a coating of (95%) Zinc and (5%) Aluminium which is highly recommended for coastal areas. (SANS 10244-2: 2004)


Standard colour: green RAL 6005, anthracite RAL 7021 Other colours: on request.

Quality guaranteed

As an ISO Certified company the quality of our products is paramount to our success, therefore all our products meet the highest standard

Fence height Width X Height Angle iron Angle iron profiles Height Profile Height
(mm) (mm) top / bottom rail (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)


3050 x 2387

2996 x 40 x 5

100 x 75 x 8


80 x 80 x 8



3050 x 2985

2996 x 40 x 5

101 x 101 x 3


100 x 100 x 8


*MTS: Made to stock (1-2 weeks delivery). Other heights available on request.