Fence panels: aesthetic and durable solutions

Betafence offers the widest range of fencing panels in the market. Whatever your project, find the correct system with Betafence - with low, medium and high-security options plus Secured by Design, LPCB and CPNI approved systems.

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Securifor® Super 6 is a welded mesh panel fence that is the highest level of security.
Incorporates 6mm vertical wires to give maximum resistance to attacks.

Nylofor 3D Pro XL is an ideal solution for most types of low to medium security fence applications.

The basic fencing panels, but with a high coating polyester quality. Ideal where delimitation is needed. 

Nylofor 2D is a complete professional fencing system that provides both high rigidity and security.

Roll Top® is a welded mesh panel fence that has a rolled top and bottom edge for enhanced safety and rigidity. The open mesh profile is also decorative and allows excellent through visibility.

Nylofor 2D super is a weldmesh panel featuring twin horizontal wires to give maximum rigidity and resistance to vandalism.

Paladin® is the most attractive and popular weld mesh fence panel due to its innovative and aesthetic appearance. The unique mesh pattern provides clear visibility along the fence line.

The Securifor 358 system is the ultimate in discreet high security perimeter protection. These systems combine and anti-climb and anti-cut fence with excellent through visibility.              

Securifor 3D is a welded mesh panel fence incorporating a pressed ‘V-beam’ that combines an anti-climb and anti-cut fence with excellent through visibility and resistance to vandalism.

Securifor 2D is a welded mesh panel fence that is anti-climb and anti-cut and combines increased vertical wire diameter and double horizontal wires for maximum strength and security.

The Securifor 4D system’s unique feature of front and back alternating wires offers excellent (increased) rigidity for high security environments requiring detection and surveillance.

The Securifor 358 Doubleskin System is developed for all applications where maximum security is essential. It is highly recommended for military, prisons and maximum security installations.

Bekasport is a unique ball-stop system.
Combination of the Nylofor 2D Super panels with special posts with plastic sound damping clips.
Mesh till 2 m height: 200 x 50 mm, from 2 m height: 200 x 100 mm.


Flyer Bekasport sport system


Bekasport® Plus easily suits football or kick around areas, this sports fence ball stop can be tailored to suit customers specific requirements. 

- Unique Varimesh panel
- Very high rigidity 
- Height up to 6m

All-in-one solution for limitless contemporary fencing and garden decoration concepts.

The strength of Zenturo Super is its versatility. East to install, Zenturo panels can be used for different purposes and in various configurations that offer privacy and security.

The Decofor® system is a complete decorative fencing system (including single and double gates) developed for design orientated rigid fencing.

-Easy installation
-Anti corrosive coated

The new and innovative range of Betafence Durafor® Classic wood plastic composite fencing and gating options provides low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional wooden fencing,

- Easy to install
- Durable 
- Available in 7 different colours