Fence posts - low, medium & high security

Betafence have a range of fence posts to offer flexibility and security to your perimeter protection system. Posts are available to complement low, medium and high-security requirements with cost-effective options available. 

Universal, powder coated square post to fit all low to medium security panels. Compatible with all Paladin Classic®, Roll Top® and Nylofor® panels.

  • Popular square post design
  • Options for metal or nylon fixings. Clamp bar option available to certain panel types.
  • Fixings or clamp bars secure the panel to the post using unique tamper resistant Trilobe bolts
  • Posts include stepping holes for installations on sloped ground. Extra holes provide 100mm stepping option.

Twilfix Flyer

Bekafix posts are a unique patented section design providing an aesthetic, smooth finish with easy installation at great value. Compatible with Nylofor, Paladin and Roll Top panels. Galvanised and polyester powder coated.

Accessories available on request.


- Discrete fixing system - no brackets or clamp bars on the front / back side

- Easily stepped in 25mm increments

- Perfect for installation with concrete plates

- Quick installation - post cap with hooks holds panel during installation

Flyer Bekafix Post

Profile post, based on the Bekafix concept, with high rigidity for medium to high security applications. 

Compatible with Nylofor, Paladin and Securifor panels up to 4m.

Flyer Bekafix Super Post


Bekasecure posts are manufactured specifically for use with Securifor 358/Super 6 fencing systems for the very highest security applications.The post's design and high yield strength still provide the ultimate in high security, rigidity and ease of installation. The open profile of the post allows for electrical or fibre optic cabling and is closed with a specific metal cap.