A modular, temporary, free standing fence unit for Sports and Events

Publifor® panel comprises of a frame anchored on a steel base encased in concrete. The robust frame is filled on both sides with a safety panel so that Publifor® is the perfect solution for temporary situations that require additional security.


Technical Information

Publifor Specification


Extremely hard to climb
Due to the small mesh aperture of the Nylofor 2D Super or Securifor-panel and the smooth, metal coating of the base.

Extra robust
The panel is anchored immovably to the concrete base.

Ultra strong
It is a very sturdy, and yet mobile fence that is particularly suited to containing or guiding large crowds and to keeping supporters and opponents separated. The panels can withstand a pressure of 80 kg/m2.

A real heavy weight
The concrete base weighs no less than 2 400 kg.

Easy to move
Notches have been provided in the concrete base for the forks of a forklift truck..

Ideal for

• Temporary sites
• Top events
• Sports events
• Crowd control
• Concerts
• Stadiums
• Access control in air and sea ports
• Military establishments

There are two types of Publifor: Publifor 3-M and Publifor Super.
Publifor 3-M
This system consist of Nylofor 3-M panels as an infill
(also Nylofor 2D Super or Securifor panels can be
used). The panels are installed in a concrete base.
Publifor Super
The Publifor Super fencing system is a patented system which uses two Nylofor 2D Super panels (optionally available with Securifor panels and cranked arms) on each side. The connection between the elements is done by means of steel connectors and M8 nuts/bolts. The panels are installed in a basement with a galvanized steel plate, filled with concrete. Horizontal beams in the panels ensure extra rigidity.

Posts and fixing systems
The posts in the concrete basement have a patented and vandalism-proof

Panel colour: standard green RAL 6005
Base colour: standard grey RAL 7046
Gate colour: standard yellow RAL 1012

The patented Publifor® system complies with the strict standards of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and was, amongst others, successfully used to secure various sports stadiums including those of Juventus and AS Roma.

Publifor 3-M can be combined with standard Nylofor swing gates, available in single and double wing execution with 1 till 10 meters of free passage. The system can also be combined with Publifor Super “anti-panic” swing gates.
Anti-panic swing gate
(standard in yellow RAL 1012)
3 standard executions:
- Single 1430 x 2530 mm
- Double 3040 x 2530 mm
- Double 6140 x 2530 mm
The anti-panic swing gates have a Nylofor 2D Super infill.

Coating technique
The panels are made of galvanized wire, and an adhesion layer is provided for perfect adhesion with the polyester top coat (min. 100 micron). The posts are internally and externally galvanized (min. layer thickness 275g/m², both sides combined) according to Euronorm 10326, after which an adhesion layer is applied and polyester plastic coated (min. 60 micron);

Corners till 90° can be easily installed by means of special corner modules.

Dimensions LIGHT version HEAVY version LIGHT profile HEAVY profile
  Base L x W x H Total panel L x H Nylofor 3D Nylofor 2D Nylofor 2D Super Securifor Vertical frame Horizontal frame
Mid-panel 1230 x 700 x 880 1230 x 700 x2500 x x x x 60 x 60  80 x 60
Mid-panel 2530 x 700 x 880 2530 x 700 x 2500 x x x x 60 x 60  80 x 60
Corner Panel 1230 x 700 x 880 1230 x 700 x 2500 x x x x 60 x 60  80 x 60
Corner Panel 2530 x 700 x 880  2530 x 700 x 2500 x x x x 60 x 60  80 x 60